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Spreading the Luv with Cape Town’s crème de la crème in beauty

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We’ve been out on the town spreading the news that nutricosmetics are the way of the future to enhance your beauty inside and out! At an intimate high tea soiree at Coco Safar, we were joined by Cape Town’s who’s who in the beauty world.

Life is too short not to have FACE BLOSSOM® and bubbles

Did you know that you can open a capsule of FACE BLOSSOM® and sprinkle it over smoothies or pop it in your coffee? Well, we treated our guests to the lap of luxury with a welcome glass of MCC topped with FACE BLOSSOM® for extra goodness. Who said you can’t take care of yourself without having a little fun?

Our FACE BLOSSOM® range is made from Sakura Flower Extract (Japanese Cherry Blossom) in capsule form and is the well-kept secret Japanese women have been keeping for centuries to keep their skin bright, glowing, luminescent, light and totally flawless

Nutricosmetics 101

Nutricosmetics have taken the world by storm, but did you know that not all ingestible beauty supplements are created equal? As industry experts, we often find that there is still a lot of misinformation about collagen especially when it comes to the quantity of collagen you need to ingest per day to see results as well as the promise of collagen taking away wrinkles and cellulite (spoiler alert: IT DOESN’T). I also heard some new ones such as whether collagen will make you retain weight? It will not.

Along with the FACE BLOSSOM®, we then introduced our guests to our HIMALAYAN and PURE FISH COLLAGEN. Did you know that we are one of the first brands in South Africa to make collagen available in capsule form combined with ethical, sustainable ingredients, and locally tested at FDA-approved labs?

The HIMALAYAN and PURE FISH COLLAGEN range forms part of our eco-conscious range, alongside the FACE BLOSSOM®. This advanced anti-ageing product provides two compounds that create a glowing effect for skin pigmentation and helps to lighten and brighten the overall appearance, certified organic to European standards (Eco-CERT).

The future of beauty is here

We’re extending our product range, starting with vegan-friendly products in 2022. The product range will include highly advanced anti-aging products with uniquely sourced ingredients, aimed at South Africa’s conscious and luxury consumer market.

Until then, shop our range which features imported, high quality and unique ingredients made from professional grade raw materials, here!

Until next time, Luvs!

Toni xx