What are the criteria for the ingredients used in your products?

  1. RESULTS - Through global clinical trails, or in vitro and in vivo testing.
  2. USP - Each ingredient has to deliver on its promises and claims. Each ingredient has to be unique and powerful, offering something new or something different than their competitors.
  3. SCIENCE - Ingredients need to carry International Patents or unique manufacturing methods, ensuring their scientific validations and results are genuinely effective.
  4. PURITY - The incorporation of natural and certified organic ingredients.
  5. SENSORY APPEAL - Products need to enliven the senses and heighten our wellbeing. They need to engage all our senses and offer a complete experience.
  6. TRADEMARKED - Where possible, we opt to partner with manufacturers of trademarked ingredients.

Why should I use expensive professional products?

Even though this is a rhetorical question it can still be answered! It's a question of quality and investment. If you value your health, skin, hair and overall well-being then it would be wise to choose quality products over mass market products full of chemicals and very little real 'active' ingredients. Why would you NOT want the best for yourself? Looking after your health is the most important investment you can make.

What if I need advice before purchasing?

Speak up! We wish to give you the best information possible, for you to make your best beauty choice.

Email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours: info@mybeautyluv.com