What are the criteria for a product or brand being featured on the site?

  1. RESULTS - through either validated clinical trails and the trials and tests on our willing customers.
  2. Brand USP - the brands need to be mavens, mavericks, industry leaders and trend-setters. They need to be the first-to-market and indeed the market dictators. They need to be backed by science and put their money where their mouth is.
  3. Product USP - Each product has to deliver on its promises and claims. Each product has to be unique, individual and the top of its category. They need to offer something new or something different than their competitors.
  4. SCIENCE - Brands and products need to carry International Patents ensuring their scientific validations and results are proven and genuinely effective.
  5. INGREDIENTS - The incorporation of natural and certified organic ingredients. The least amount of chemicals and preservatives. I read labels!
  6. SENSORY APPEAL - Products need to enliven the senses and heighten our wellbeing. They need to engage all our senses and offer a complete experience.
  7. CRUELTY-FREE - none of our beauty and hair brands test on animals.

Why should we listen to you?

Please refer to the About Us page for more information on who, what and why.

Why should I use expensive professional products?

Even though this is a rhetorical question it can still be answered! It's a question of quality and investment. If you value your skin, hair and overall well-being then it would be wise to choose quality products over mass market products full of chemicals and very little real 'active' ingredients. Why would you NOT want the best for yourself? You are your greatest investment and looking after your skin, hair and body is as important as eating properly. Stop eating crap and stop sticking crap on your skin and hair. Enough said.

What if I need advice before purchasing?

Speak up! We wish to give you the best information possible, for you to make your best beauty choice.

Email us anytime and we will get back to you within 48 hours: info@mybeautyluv.com

Why do you have different versions of 'sulfate' and 'sulphate'?

If you noticed this you are one sharp pencil! These are 2 acceptable spellings for the same word. The international standard is 'sulfate'. The Queen's British English is spelled 'sulphate'. We use both versions depending on the spelling on an individual product's packaging. PS - you only need a sulfate-free shampoo if you've had a Keratin Brazilian treatment.