You use professional products on the outside, why compromise on the inside?
With over 22 years experience in the professional beauty, health,
wellness and fitness industries, the My Beauty Luv nutricosmetic brand was born out of a need for a professional-grade beauty supplement that targets the most sought-after areas of wellness:

Anti-Ageing | Longevity | Vitality
True Beauty Starts Within


Our 'slow beauty' philosophy is at the core of everything we do. We believe true luxury takes time. Our passionate, artisanal approach to creating unique supplements means we respect and honour our entire creation process - from taking the time to research, procure, create & design, to the final product our discerning customers fall in love with. Our journey is an experience of love and beauty as we believe that quality will always trump quantity.

Professional grade nutricosmetics (beauty supplements) that use only the world's top science-based ingredients, to create the best and finest formulas for your beauty & wellness needs. Effective, no-nonsense and results driven.

100% pure.

100% clean.

100% beauty.

Our formulas & ingredients are free from all binders, preservatives, colourants, artificial flavours, chemicals and anything that's harmful to humans, animals and the planet.


My Beauty Luv Founder Toni Carrroll