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Beauty Blast®

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160 capsules - 1 month supply.

A first in South Africa and global first formulation – My Beauty Luv introduces another wholly unique product within its new Advanced Anti-Ageing Series range: Beauty Blast®.

A full spectrum anti-ageing, rejuvenating and transforming skin elixir crafted from carefully chosen and distinct 100% natural ingredients – selected for their prominent place in ancient traditional medicine and the treating of skin conditions throughout Asia.

For thousands of years, Asian women have been using these expert ingredients for beautifying their skin. My Beauty Luv is the first company globally to combine the power of these distinct ingredients into one incredible beauty supplement that offers vegans and non-vegans the power to completely transform their skin health.

Beauty Blast® captures the beauty and health benefits of 4 powerful ingredients:

  1. Tremella Mushroom (tremella fuciformis) – known as the ‘beauty mushroom’ in Asia, this remarkable medicinal mushroom is loaded with Vitamin D in its most bioavailable form and has scientifically shown to improve skin hydration, improve wrinkle depth, protect against collagen loss after UV exposure and reduce inflammation.
  2. Wood / Jew’s Ear Mushroom (auricularia auricula-judae) – this amazing medicinal mushroom was the first cultivated mushroom in China around 100BC and is highly prized for its many health and longevity promoting abilities. Scientifically shown to promote procollagen biosynthesis in skin cells and to increase hyaluronic acid synthesis, thereby hydrating the skin and protecting against loss of elasticity.
  3. Cauliflower Mushroom (sparassis crispa) – this extremely unique medicinal mushroom is rich in veratric acid, a molecule known for its antimicrobial, anti-irritant and antioxidant properties. Cauliflower mushroom has scientifically shown to protect the skin cells by inhibiting UVB-induced DNA damage and to promote collagen synthesis by promoting and increasing healthy fibroblast cell activity.
  4. Sakura Flower Extract – Japanese Cherry Blossom (prunus serrulate) – the same ingredient chosen for our beloved Face Blossom®, this sacred flower has been prized in Japanese culture for its skin perfecting abilities. Scientifically shown to reduce pigmentation, lighten skin tone, enhance fibroblast activity and prevent fibroblast apoptosis (cell death), promote type 1 collagen synthesis in the skin and prevent sagging by protecting the cells against AGEs damage.

Health benefits of all three medicinal mushroom species include: anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti-obesity, gut health, skin health, organ health, hormone health, cholesterol health. All species contain exceptionally high levels of: protein (amino acids), fiber (beta glucans), antioxidants including ergosterol, polysaccharides, Vitamin Ds, Vitamin Bs, vitamins, minerals, and their respective medicinal compound flavonoids, polyphenols, alkaloids and organic acids.

My Beauty Luv Beauty Blast® is:

  • 100% pure - absolutely no fillers or bulking agents
  • EcoCert (EU standard) certified organic
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Safe, standardised 10:1 flower petal extraction 
  • Whole fruiting bodies - medicinal mushrooms
  • Third-party tested by independent local laboratories for food safety
  • Vegan friendly

Beauty Blast® is free from: fillers, binders, flow-agents, preservatives, additives, flavours, sugar, dairy, gluten, wheat and absolutely anything that is foreign.

The stunning glass bottle can be reused or recycled. Simply wash in warm soapy water and the label will come off easily.

  • Exceptionally high source of antioxidants and vitamins in perfect bioavailable form for maximum absorption and assimilation
  • Highest source of perfect Vitamin Ds
  • Advanced anti-glycation properties - inhibits AGEs production
  • Protects against DNA-induced UV damage in skin cells
  • Promotes procollagen synthesis in HaCaT cells
  • Inhibits fibroblast apoptosis
  • Promotes collagen lattice formation in fibroblasts - maintaining the extracellular collagen matrix
  • Promotes skin lightening, brightening and even skin tone
  • Increases type 1 collagen production (excreted and cellular)
Key Ingredients:
  • Tremella fuciformis Tremella Mushroom whole fruiting body powder
  • Auricularia auricula-judae Wood (Jew's) Ear Mushroom whole fruiting body powder
  • Sparassis crispa Cauliflower Mushroom whole fruiting body powder
  • Prunus serrulata Sakura Flower (petal) 10:1 extract powder
Recommended Dosage:
  • 4 capsules per day (2 capsules in the morning and evening after meals).
  • For vegans and non-vegans!

This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Known allergens: mushrooms and flower petals.

If you have any serious health conditions, or are unsure, always consult your doctor / physician / healthcare practitioner before taking this or any supplement.

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