What started as a hobby and became an obsession worthy of a Spielberg thriller blockbuster...

I've been totally bonkers for MANY MANY years about shit hot beauty products, and painfully pedantic about finding the best the market has to offer. I'm proper psychotic-level addict insane... and my OCD and lack of patience for any and all BS might make me come across as a right royal princess! Oh and I'm murderously protective over my hair... you mess with my hair and you die!

The bottom line - you ain't gonna find any junk, mediocre, same-old-same-old kinda average products on this site. If you want cheap n nasty then you've come to the wrong place. 

If you want the best of the best, your mind to be blown, and to finally try a product or two that actually WORKS... then stick around.

I totally give a f^$k...

A. If it makes the cut to be on this site then you can rest assured it's been researched and tested to hell and back.

B. I've just turned 40 and have zero time to waste, and even less than zero time for products that waste my time. The focus is on what works - NOT every available product under the sun just to make an extra buck.

C. One-size-does-not-fit-all. If you are as discerning as me... then welcome.

D. I genuinely want to help you and put a smile on your face (cheesy, but it's true).

E. You'll get all the sweet attention you deserve - personal notes, surprise randomly-selected gifts, super-quick query response time, creative, fun and a touch loopy write-ups and engagement.

F. I am serious when it comes to giving my stamp of approval on a brand or product. I have street cred to uphold!

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History - in case you not sold on the awesomeness yet...)

Back in January of 2014 I started 'Hair Today Hair Tomorrow' in the hope of bringing quality professional-grade products to a growing online shopping community. We were one of the very first online professional hair stores in South Africa. I wanted to be different and offer a holistic approach to hair health: curating top brands and incorporating health products into the mix. But, my mental-ness for ALL incredible and innovative products out there... has taken me from behind and forced me to unleash my demon (this new online store in case you still wondering). Now you can go gaga over not just hair products, BUT beauty products too! F#@k yeah bitches!! 

History cont. (if you've come this far...)

My roots go back to the turn of the millennium. From starting out in Johannesburg working with the company that staged the annual Beauty Africa trade industry show (which hosted the SA National Hair Championships), to being on the creative team that launched the very first local version of the international Professional Beauty Magazine, to being shortlisted as one of only 3 candidates to manage the very first Body Shop store in South Africa. I decided to open my own home-based salon, specialising in slimming treatments and anti-ageing facial treatments. Joburg days became Durban days - servicing the salon industry in KwaZulu Natal with professional equipment and being a creative partner in a hair salon business. During this time extensive research and work was done on a brand new concept in the male grooming sector - the first-ever fully mobile barbering unit and lifestyle brand.  Finally moving to beautiful Cape Town and being creative partner investing in opening a barber shop and launching one of SA's first professional hair e-commerce websites. 2018 saw me entering the professional wellness and health industry with a targeted sales, marketing & distribution agency - taking my obsession for hair, beauty, and wellness to a whole new stratospheric level!