Back in 2014, I opened one of the very first online professional haircare stores in South Africa. As someone who is painfully pedantic about finding the best the market has to offer, ‘Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow' launched with the aim of providing quality, professional-grade products to the growing online shopping community.

 After a few years of bringing salon-quality brands to the public, I recognised a gap in the market: the need for a holistic approach to hair health. So, I began introducing ingestible health products to my platform. At the time, hardly anyone else was doing this. I also didn’t want to sell just any products, they had to be made from only the finest grade ingredients and they actually had to work.

This was the catalyst for my journey into researching (and my obsession with) the ingredients contained within beauty products, which ultimately led to my foray into biohacking. Dubbed do-it-yourself biology, biohacking is geared towards improving performance, health, and wellbeing through strategic interventions -something I know quite a bit about given my background in the health and beauty industry.

Today, customers can rest assured that ALL My Beauty Luv products have been researched and tested to hell and back. I go to the nth degree and partner with the world's finest ingredient manufacturers to ensure that the My Beauty Luv range is of the utmost quality. I am very serious when it comes to giving my stamp of approval on an ingredient and formula - after all, I have my street cred to uphold!