Face Blossom® - 3 to 4 Month REFILL Pack - My Beauty Luv
Face Blossom® - 3 to 4 Month REFILL Pack - My Beauty Luv
Face Blossom® - 3 to 4 Month REFILL Pack - My Beauty Luv

My Beauty Luv

Face Blossom® - 3 to 4 Month REFILL Pack

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Top up and save with your favourite beauty supplement. Refill your gorgeous, signature My Beauty Luv bottle and get rewarded with 50% off the second month's supply with our refill pack special. 

Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare Supplement to Support A Flawless Complexion.

Discover the secret Japanese women have been using for centuries to keep their skin bright, glowing, luminescent, light and totally flawless. My Beauty Luv presents Sakura Flower Extract (Japanese Cherry Blossom) in capsule form – the first ever product of its kind in South Africa. The amazing anti-ageing effect of this sacred traditional flower has been widely researched and is used by millions of Japanese and Asian women to successfully treat a host of age-related skin disorders from blotchy skin, pigmentation and dullness, to wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

- Support for a flawless complexion

- Support for radiant, healthy skin glow

- Support for melasma skin - hyper-pigmentation

- Support for an even skin tone

- Support for skin lightening & brightening

The two key active compounds contained in Sakura Flowers are Caffeoyl-beta-D-glucose and quercetin glucoside. Sakura Flower extract has been shown to have anti-glycation (anti-sagging) actions with the promotion of collagen formation in fibroblasts whilst inhibiting fibroblast apoptosis (cell death). It has also been shown to inhibit tyrosinase activity in skin cells helping to reduce pigmentation. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

With the transient nature of the Japanese Cherry Blossom only coming into bloom for one to two weeks out of the year, this incredible flower is limited in its supply thereby making it a truly exclusive product.

Recommended Dosage:
  • Mild pigmentation and discoloration: 2 capsules per day.
  • Major / acute pigmentation and discoloration: 4 capsules per day.
  • 320 capsules - 80 to 160 days supply.
  • Safe for vegans


This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Known allergens: flower petals.

If you have any serious health conditions, or are unsure, always consult your doctor / physician / healthcare practitioner before taking this or any supplement.

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