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Ingestible Beauty: An Emerging Market

I’m sure from your 30’s the focus on health, and anti-aging, more specifically beauty go hand in hand. Especially with Covid, it has created a shift in how health and wellness have been more closely considered. It has fuelled the consumer trend in active beauty, by combining whole-body health, nutrients, wellness, and beauty. Traceable, scientifically-backed ingredients targeting beauty-from-within are emerging, and the demands in immunity and whole-body wellness are on the rise. Oh yes, science-backed ingredients ladies! We want proof to know our wellbeing from the inside out is taken care of through reputable trademarked ingredients. Make sure you’re doing your research correctly because if you’re paying top dollar you’re surely wanting to see results. The proof is definitely in the ingestible beauty pudding!

What is ingestible beauty, or nutricosmetics?

Long, very interesting story short, the older we get the fewer amino acids are produced by our body, and that makes us age. Therefore the best way to assist in ageing gracefully, and I mean without botox and fillers, is by replacing those amino acids with ingestible beauty supplements (trademarked, scientifically-backed ingredients, and I am putting emphasis on the science part) that contain exactly that, that your body is lacking. The result is what you put in your system will show on the outside, and the added benefits that come with it help your wellbeing. A win-win I’d say! 


The ingestible beauty market in South Africa

You’ve all heard of collagen, no doubt! But honestly, do you know what collagen production is, or better yet, what it does? Collagen has spearheaded the category, and I’m sure you’re reading this blog because you’re cottoning on to the trend ‘ingestible beauty’, ‘beauty pills’, ‘beauty from within’, or ‘oral cosmetics’ in South Africa, and the ‘ingestible’ phrase is continuing to transcend this, not yet clearly defined category, which is beyond beauty, into wellness.

This ‘ingestible beauty’ category is turning into high-performance supplements, with nutrients, and antioxidants enhancing function, form, and beauty inside and out. Covid has fuelled this growth in keeping healthy, at least Covid has been good for one thing, and the category has grown year on year at an annual growth rate of 5.3% and is estimated to continue to grow 7.4% annually. Pretty impressive I’d say!

My Beauty Luv being one of the first nutricosmetics brands in South Africa, and has over 3 years of market growth experience, has helped drive this market to focus on the right sort of health. We’ve got you covered!

Key nutricosmetics trends in South Africa

As we’ve said collagen is the driving force in nutricosmetics trends emerging in South Africa because the focus at this point is the key driving factors, and combinations of anti-ageing, wellness, nutrition, and beauty. This has created room for more thought into amino acids (your building blocks in your body), nutrients, and their benefits.

The growth in this has created a demand for other popular products within the nutricosmetics category such as hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, and the My Beauty Luv, and yes I am going to punt this brand because we are the first to market with most trends, Sakura flower extract from Japanese cherry blossoms, a first in South Africa, to name a few.

The trend is also emerging into boosting brain function as the benefits in increasing brain blood flow, and brain cell performance can be noticed with increased focus and better day-to-day results. At least you can feel a little less guilty about drinking another glass of that amazing pinot!


Nutrients in ingestible beauty

Taking ingestible beauty supplements doesn’t mean eating less of a healthy diet. It means continuing this act of kindness to your body and replacing the loss of nutrients with more of the correct nutrients that will help your skin, hair, nails, joints, cartilage, recovery, digestion, and a lot of other ailments. The added benefits can only be beneficial to that already beautiful self! 

How to know what ingestible beauty product you need

The market is flooded with beauty brands promising to solve just about anything. The bottom line is, what are you putting in your body, and why?

Let’s start with the why.

Do you want to focus on your hair, skin, and nails? Is it strength, hydration, even skin tone, pigmentation, skin lightening, or hair growth that concerns you?

Do you want to focus on stress, sleep, recovery, or digestion?

Once you’ve pinpointed the reason behind why you’re purchasing an ingestible beauty product, narrow down the products within those categories, the INGREDIENTS (I am stressing this point), and the added benefits of each of those ingredients. PLEASE, and pretty please make sure when you’re looking at these products, you’re looking at reputable brands with scientifically backed ingredients. Otherwise, you only have yourself to blame for wasting your hard-earned rands.

Ingestible beauty product for anti-ageing

At My Beauty Luv, the Peptan Type I Hydrolyzed Collagen improves your collagen network by assisting the decrease in fragmentation and improving the collagen density in the dermis. Hydrolyzed Gelatin Collagen Booster through the hydrolysis process allows for easy absorption in the stomach and intestines for collagen synthesis to take place. FaceBlossom is a powerful antiglycation agent, as it lowers AGEs in the skin, enhancing type I collagen production in the fibroblasts, and suppressing toxins that speed up skin ageing.

Side effects of ingestible beauty

You suddenly hit 1 million followers on SM and have heads turning on every corner. 

But honestly, the only side effect with ingestible beauty would be the quality of the product and how it’s regulated. Again, make sure you do your research before purchasing to make sure you are avoiding anything artificial.

High quality ingestible beauty supplements

Visit our homepage to get your favourite ingestible beauty product and watch this space for our new series of ingestible products available soon. As mentioned previously, we pride ourselves on being first to market with key active ingredients to help you along your beauty journey.