Everything You Need to Know About “Vegan Collagen"

The African collagen market is expected to boom over the next few years, with South Africa leading the way. But the product’s increasing popularity has seen various local and global manufacturers claiming that they have brought ‘vegan collagen’ to the market to meet the rising trend of veganism.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as ‘vegan collagen’, so the use of this particular term is not only factually incorrect but misleading too. Collagen is, by definition, an animal product, created in animal bodies including our own.

Vegans who are concerned about the collagen levels in their bodies, especially as they get older, have a choice of two strategies: either stimulate their bodies to make more collagen or counter the degeneration of their existing collagen.”

Making more collagen

While there certainly are a number of plant-based products that will help vegans stimulate their own bodies to create collagen, pea protein and other powdered plant proteins – two basic ingredients found in the majority of products on the market for vegans – won’t.

It is critical to take the full spectrum of essential and non-essential amino acids but finding a vegan source can be tricky, so read your labels carefully.

Another top tip for healthy collagen production is simply making sure you get a good night’s sleep every night. As important is getting your vital vitamins and minerals through high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Maintaining existing collagen levels

Antioxidants are essential for collagen preservation. Luckily for vegans, most antioxidants are found in non-animal sources, so it is very easy to obtain a plethora of these along with other vital nutrients that help with healthy skin metabolism.

Get the best of both

There are now vegan-friendly skin supplements on the market that contain ingredients which enhance both collagen production and conservation, you just need to know where to look (Hint: you’re at the right place).

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