Virtual Hair

Virtual Hair - Black

R 510

Do you believe in magic? You will after you see this product in action. Hailing from the film studios of Hollywood, and now finally available on the market, Virtual Hair is the world's number one hair concealer, used by leading film studios and hair & make-up artists for instant natural coverage of balding and thinning. Seeing is truly believing. This professional-grade, spray-on product instantly covers and thickens hair, completely covering up bald spots making for the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair. It is perfect for men and woman of all ages, all colours and all ethnic groups with the following conditions:

  • Small to medium bald spots
  • Fine or thinning hair
  • Cover greying regrowth
  • Hair transplants
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • To make hair look thicker instantly

Virtual Hair comes in 6 colours which can be used alone or a blend to match your hair colour shade. 100% waterproof and stain-proof, Virtual Hair will not run or wash off in the rain or from perspiration. In fact you can even swim with this product on and it won't come off. If you're suffering from thinning and balding hair - this product will change your life - instantly!

Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • There are a few hair concealers on the market - but NOTHING can match the technology of Virtual Hair. This mind-blowing spray consists of tiny fibres that attach themselves to your own hair - building upon themselves until your own hair appears vastly thicker and fuller. Your days of hiding in the shadows from embarrassment are over. Even upon close inspection (and full daylight) the hair fibres are undetectable and look completely natural as this product totally transforms your appearance and your confidence.
  • Silica
  • Only spray onto dry hair and scalp. Ensure you cover your clothing and face. Brush / comb your hair prior to application. Shake the can well! Spray onto the scalp and thinning areas about 10cm away. Spread the hair apart if necessary and spray onto the base of your hair and scalp. Seal the product with a spray of normal hairspray to seal in the product (if desired). Let Virtual Hair dry completely before brushing through. To remove: shampoo your hair as normal ensuring a gentle massage of the scalp to dislodge the hair fibres.

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