Mediceuticals Therapeutic Conditioner

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Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp. Due to various factors (medication, chemotherapy, diets, hormones, stress etc) your hair growth cycle and the natural ph balance of your scalp can become disturbed. 'Therapeutic' forms part of the 'Scalp Therapies' Range of targeted specific products created to assist patients with mild to severe scalp disorders. This stunning conditioner promotes a healthy scalp environment with its key potent ingredients. It's perfectly ph balanced to re-acidify your scalp and hair combatting flaking and itching and leaving your scalp and hair feeling incredibly soothed and light. 'Therapeutic' contains the most medical ingredients within the entire Mediceuticals range. This conditioner compliments all other products within the Mediceuticals 'Scalp Therapies' range.


If you are unsure of your scalp disorder we highly recommend you consult your doctor or hair stylist who can give you accurate and professional feedback. We are authorised Mediceuticals resellers and are able to give you accurate product information, however, you will need to know your exact scalp condition in order to choose the correct Mediceuticals products. 


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • This weightless conditioner is an excellent detangler and will leave a sublime shine to your hair. It soothes and calms the scalp with its lipid-free formula. Colour safe and rinses 100% clean, 'Therapeutic' can be used by all scalp and hair types daily. It's such an incredible product if you rub it onto your skin it aids in sun-burn and calms sore joints. It also wards off mosquitos! Sulfate free formula.
  • Zinc. Vitamin C. Gingko biloba root extract. Menthol. Golden seal extract. Hops extract. Matricaria extract. Rosemary extract. Witch Hazel extract.
  • Apply to hair after shampooing with your targeted Mediceuticals 'Scalp Therapies' shampoo and massage scalp gently for 1-2 minutes. Comb through hair and rinse.
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