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Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp. Due to various factors (medication, chemotherapy, diets, hormones, stress etc) your hair growth cycle and the natural ph balance of your scalp can become disturbed. 'TheraRx' forms part of the 'Scalp Therapies' Range of targeted specific products created to assist patients with mild to severe scalp disorders. This product is the first step in your scalp treatment as it gently purifies your scalp whilst controlling excessive sebum. This scalp and skin wash can be used for the treatment of the following scalp and body conditions: Dry, irritated scalps; Oily scalps; Psoriasis Capititis; Dandruff; Seborrhoeic Eczema (Dermatitis); Ringworm; Folliculitis; and Cradle Cap (seborrhea eczema).


If you are unsure of your scalp disorder we highly recommend you consult your doctor or hair stylist who can give you accurate and professional feedback. We are authorised Mediceuticals resellers and are able to give you accurate product information, however, you will need to know your exact scalp condition in order to choose the correct Mediceuticals products. 


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • This versatile product not only purifies your scalp, but can be used on acne, insect bites and even sunburn! Talk about an all-round First-Aid Master! The excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties kill harmful bacteria and topical fungus on the spot. It's incredibly soothing and will relieve nasty itching and reduce redness (on your scalp and body). This product also controls excessively oily scalps and skin. Sulfate free formula.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin. Panthenol. Collagen amino acid. Wheat germ acid. Wheat germ oil. Jojoba seed oil. Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans. Menthol. Camphor. Biotin. Zinc sulfate. Vitamin C. Triclosan.
  • 'TheraRx' needs to be applied to a dry scalp (or other affected areas) with a tissue or cottonpad. Leave on the skin for 2 minutes. DO NOT RINSE. The objective here is to treat the scalp. Proceed with your choice of Mediceuticals shampoos to treat your particular scalp condition: 'X-Folate'; 'Solv-X' or 'X-Derma'.
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