bhave Scalp Shampoo with Replicine® Functional Keratin

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Whether your scalp is dry, tight, itchy or just plain uncomfortable, this soothing and non-toxic formulation contains Vitamin C and natural active ingredients, including Organic Aloe, to help control irritation and add moisture - leaving your scalp feeling fresh, invigorated and calm. Added bonus is your hair will grow super fast! This is the ideal shampoo for people with angry scalps and yucky damaged hair.

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Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • What a relief! A product that focuses on nasty scalp conditions AND pooey damaged hair! Gentle, yet highly effective this shampoo will transform your scalp, your hair, your mood, your life! Enriched with powerful Replicine® Functional Keratin to repair damaged hair leaving it glowing, smooth, nourished and happy. Sodium chloride, sulphate and paraben free.
  • Patented Replicine® Functional Keratin. Organic macadamia oil. Organic Aloe leaf extract. Vitamin C.
  • Sulphate-free shampoos require a pre-wash for maximum benefit and hydration. Pre-wash using a tiny amount to dislodge the dirt. Your second shampoo must be slightly more generous. Massage wash the scalp and hair for up to 30 seconds. You will notice the second shampoo will lather better. You will prolong the shelf life of your shampoo by using 2 smaller amounts than a single large dose. Follow with bhave Hydrator, Magnify or Rescue Conditioner.
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