label.m Resurrection Style Dust

R 475
This London Fashion Week backstage must-have miracle powder will completely transform your look and totally blow your mind! Think volume, but on a massive scale - taking you from Plain Jane to Absolutely Insane with the shake of a hand! Yes it's true! The days of making excuses for your morbidly boring hair are over. Suitable for any style and length, RSDust creates instant dynamic texture and maximum root lift, with controlled volume and an edgy matt finish. It's easily absorbed and totally invisible on the hair. If magic wands exist, this is it!


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • If you are serious about taking your style to new heights, this is your lucky day! RSDust is to a stylist as a paintbrush is to Picasso. Use this product to create full-bodied bold styles. It also allows for effortless backcombing and can be revived or reworked throughout the day by simply massaging your roots.
  • Sulphate free. Paraben free. Sodium chloride free.
  • Apply by dusting small amounts of powder directly onto the roots covering the area that you want to work with. Massage into the roots to create incredible volume. Backcomb through to smooth out, or leave alone for a beachy, volumised look.

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