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Peach & Moon CBD 800 - 10ml - Imported from Holland

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This highly concentrated CBD oil is a 1:1 ratio of whole plant extract and organic olive oil. Peach & Moon CBD 800 contains 8% CBD. Each 10ml bottle contains 800mg of CBD and more than 3mg of CBD per drop (240 drops). Derived from organically produced plants,  Peach & Moon uses whole plant CBD extract. Their philosophy of 'whole plant extract is best', emphasizes the importance of the entire plant's components working together and in synergy with the full spectrum of cannabinoids - perfection in nature to bring you the perfect product. A supercritical Co2 Extraction ensures a safe and pure end-product.
These products are not registered with the Medicines Control Council in South Africa. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • CBD 800 has a calming, relaxing effect and is an excellent nighttime CBD alternative. The miraculous healing properties of cannabinoids are now widely documented and known. Most commonly used for stress, joint/arthritic pain, skin disorders, anxiety, insomnia, attention disorders, depression and a host of modern-day human conditions plaguing our society. This product is 100% organic and pure.
  • CBD oil with organic olive oil.
  • CBD 800 is taken under the tongue (sublingual), holding it for a couple seconds in your mouth before swallowing. Always micro-dose to test your sensitivity before you settle on a comfortable daily dose schedule. This product can also be rubbed into the skin on areas with severe skin disorders. Best taken at nighttime.
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