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Paul Mitchell Marula Oil - Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo

R 410

Paul Mitchell's ultimate highly-coveted luxury range introduces us to the humble Marula plant - in all its hair transforming god-like glory! Float on clouds of paradise with this luxe of luxe range that incorporates time-release technology with the perfection of pure Mother Nature - harnessing the power of potent natural African Marula Oil - cold pressed for superior quality and nutrients. 

Smooth, hydrate and restore with Marula Oil Replenishing Shampoo, gentle and hydrating delivering vitamins and antioxidants throughout the day, to smooth and repair your hair. Your hair will become soft, shiny, full of body and more manageable with every wash. The scent? High-end exotic floral with top notes of sparkling lemon, juicy orange, succulent pear and peach on top of a rich complex heart of rose, violet, white jasmine, lily of the valley and violet with a sensual base of cedarwood, sandalwood, white musk and vanilla. Ideal for aged, dry, dull, damaged, thick or coarse unruly hair.

Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • Not all oils are created equal. With 50% more protective and antioxidant qualities than Argan OIl - this little marvel of Marula contains the highest concentration of nutrients and oleic acid to hydrate, repair and transform your hair at the deepest levels. Independent tests resulted in an overall 80% improvement in split-ends, hair condition and shine. Time-release technology ensures your hair is hydrated and nourished throughout the day using MarulaSpheres - bonding to your hair delivering fresh bursts of Marula Oil whenever you touch, brush or play with your hair. Paraben and sulphate free. Paraben free. Gluten free.
  • Marula seed oil. Hydrogenated olive oil. Olive fruit oil. Olive oil. Potassium. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Soybean seed extract. Macadamia seed oil.
  • Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Paul Mitchell Marula Oil - Rare Oil Conditioner.

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