My Beauty Luv

My Beauty Luv Luxury Face Protection Mask - Kids

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Hand Stitched Luxury Face Protection Mask. Neoprene (non-rubberised) Blend Material. Luxury Quality.

Ensure your kiddies everyday protection with this luxurious, Ninja-style face protection mask for kid warriors! Hand stitched with top quality neoprene (non-rubberised) blend material, this mask may assist from airborne germs, and may protect the nose and mouth from constant touching of these areas with their fingers. This mask could also protect others from the spreading of germs from your child.

This bad-ass Ninja-style look mask has the My Beauty Luv heart motif stitched into the top left hand corner.

Easily washed and dries quickly. Easy to breathe through. 

LIMITED STOCK available!! Wash before use.

Colour: My Beauty Luv Black with My Beauty Luv heart

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