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My Beauty Luv Female Executive Face Protection Mask – 100% Cotton - Floral Dream

R 65 R 100

100% Pure Cotton Triple Layer Reversible Executive Face Protection Mask. Premium Quality.

Sophisticated, sassy, stylish and always sexy… ensure your everyday protection with this triple layered, premium quality, totally reversible, cotton Executive Face Protection Mask. 

This uniquely designed mask has 3 layers of protection:

  • First and last layer is premium quality 100% pure cotton that filters out germs, pollutants, dust and pollen, and is great against the skin – especially sensitive skins.
  • Middle layer is a non-woven polypropylene filter used in medical-grade masks.

Step out in style. Totally re-usable and washable, this mask is a solid colour reversible with a gorgeous pattern on the other side. The shape is designed exclusively for the female face.

Made from top quality premium cotton fabric, this triple-layered mask may assist from airborne germs and may protect the nose and mouth from constant touching of these areas with fingers. This mask could also protect others from the spreading of germs from oneself.

Machine washes easily. Easy to breathe through. Great for sensitive skins. Fits snugly around the ears.

Colours: Olive Green on Floral Dream

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