Milk_Shake Moisture Plus Shampoo

R 360
With the magic tropical island scent and the divine after effects - don't be surprised if you'll be feeling in a holiday mood every time you use this phenomenal product! Moisture Plus Shampoo contains organic, fresh Papaya Extract and powerful anti-ageing Hyaluronic Acid to boost and balance out moisture levels in your locks - softening, conditioning, beautifying and protecting all in one. The patented Integrity 41® Complex ingredients help maintain your hair colour for longer. Perfect for daily use on all hair types especially dry and stressed hair.


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • The Moisture Plus range is like a fancy water bomb exploding on your hair! The gorgeous scent will transform and uplift your spirit instantly. SLES and paraben free.
  • Papaya fruit extract. Sodium hyaluronate. Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. Sunflower seed extract. Milk proteins. Hydrolyzed quinoa. Strawberry fruit extract. Goji berry fruit extract. Vitamin C.
  • Wash, lather and repeat if necessary. Follow with your favourite Milk_Shake Conditioner.
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