Milk_Shake Incredible Oil - 100ml

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For certain one of the SuperHero products within the Milk_Shake stable is the mindblowing Integrity Incredible Oil. It's like an instant face-lift for your hair! This crazy insane product contains high-tech film-forming polymers that not only offer amazing heat protection (from blow-drying, irons, wands and external factors), but doubles up as an intensive leave-in treatment formulated to contrast and prevent split ends, as well as other stress factors that weaken your hair.

Strengthens and gives a deep restructuring effect to your hair shaft and ends, increasing softness and shine. It nourishes deeply and accentuates your hair color, for healthy, dense hair. It gives incredible softness and detangles your hair beautifully! Hair looks and feels younger, shinier, bouncier, lighter and carefree! For all hair types. Check out the 12 benefits below...


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • Get a load of these benefits!!! 1: Protects hair from the heat of blow-drying and irons. 2: Contributes to the reparation process of damaged hair and split ends. 3: Smoothens and seals the cuticle. 4: Strengthens and gives consistency to the hair fiber. 5: Helps to prevent split ends and breakage. 6: Nourishes hair, leaving it soft and silky. 7: Detangles and prevents knots. 8: Gives shine and enhances the hair’s radiance. 9: Tames frizz. 10: Enhances colour. 11: Improves manageability during styling. 12: Doesn’t weigh hair down. Free from parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride.
  • Muru muru seed butter. Vitamin E. Argan kernel oil. Polymers. Shea butter esters.
  • Apply to clean, damp hair before the styling process and comb through to evenly distribute. Can also be sprayed onto dry hair for a high gloss effect.

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