Mediceuticals Oily Scalp System Starter Kit

R 1,170

Mediceuticals patented 'Scalp Therapies' Systems are proven pharmaceutical formulations clinically proven and FDA approved for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common scalp and skin disorders. This advanced oily scalp starter kit, will provide welcome relief to irritated and oily scalp conditions. Featuring patented formulas this starter kit contains antibacterial and colour safe formulas designed to treat and correct oily scalp problems.

Kit contains:

Step 1: Antibacterial scalp and skin wash: 'TheraRx' 250 ml

Step 2: Treatment shampoo: 'Solv-X' 250 ml

Step 3: Scalp and hair treatment rinse: 'Therapeutic' 250 ml


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • This top-selling starter kit allows you to experience the full effect of medical science in action with astounding results. We start all our afflicted clients on this pack so they can receive consistent uninterrupted daily treatment for their scalp conditions. The products are safe to use on chemically processed hair and are incredibly gentle on your scalp and hair, rinsing 100% clean. Mediceuticals has trade-marked each and every product and patented science protocols to deliver unparalleled results. Sodium lauryl sulfate free formulas are dermatologically designed for gentle, healthy, safe and effective scalp and hair cleansing. DEA & MEA Amine free.
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  • The instructions for this 3-step System need to be followed exactly. The first product, 'TheraRx' needs to be applied to your dry scalp and gently massaged in whilst wetting. DO NOT RINSE. The objective here is to treat the scalp. Proceed with the 'Solv-X' shampoo and the 'Therapeutic' rinse making sure you follow the instructions for both these applications.
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