L'abeille Fossil Peeling Body Bar

R 220

The L'abeille luxury and elegance fused together into the humble soap. Fossilised Mineral Beads, unique to L'abeille brand only, provide perfect exfoliation to stimulate cell renewal, improve skin texture and provide the perfect smoothness. Ideal particle size and shape removes dead skin cells without damaging your skin. Regular exfoliation with your Fossil Peeling Body Bar will greatly improve micro-circulation - boosting your skin’s radiance and sultry appeal. Suitable for all skin types.

Fossil Peeling Powder – Round particles for gentle, but powerful exfoliation:

  • Remove superficial dead skin cells
  • Stimulate cell renewal
  • Rejuvenate new skin cells underneath
  • Eliminate impurities
  • Improve skin texture and smoothness
  • Restore the skin’s natural radiance
  • Support the efficacy of whitening or anti-blemish products

Please note this item ships within 5 - 8 days.

Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • L'abeille is an absolute treat on all the senses. From the exquisite packaging and magnificent aromas, to the focused, highly scientific active ingredients that work to give you incredible results - enhancing your wellbeing and life... These revolutionary products work on every level to enhance, uplift and epitomise the highest level of quality available in skincare today.
  • Saponified coconut oil. Natural marine debris. Diatomaceous earth. Kaolin clay. Organic shea butter. Honey.
  • Rub gently in circular motions over damp skin to exfoliate your entire body. Follow with your L'abeille Conditioning Body Oil for the ultimate silky smooth, divine, toned skin.
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