Mediceuticals Folligen Shampoo for Woman

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Combat female hair loss and scalp problems with the world's most innovative and advanced hair restoration system available today. Androgenic Alopecia (female pattern baldness) accounts for 90% of female hair loss. 'Folligen' forms part of the 'Advanced Hair Restoration Technology for Woman' Range of targeted specific products created to assist females with hair loss and thinning. This pH balanced, gentle phytoflavone cleansing shampoo contains 2 patented scientifically-proven formulas that actively support the reduction of hair loss, stimulate new hair growth and inhibit the production of DHT. This shampoo is perfect for normal scalp and finer hair conditions in woman only.


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • 'Folligen' is your first first step to combatting and controlling your hair loss once and for all. This unique shampoo for normal scalp conditions contains 'Triaminocoptinol' and 'Estrolin', two proprietary hair loss complexes that have been scientifically proven with validated results. This shampoo not only fights hair loss, but it also works to pH balance your scalp and renew your scalp's environment optimising it for new hair growth. 'Folligen' will enhance your hair's manageability and shine and create volume at the root. 'Anti-Fade Colour Retention Complex' keeps your colour looking fabulous and protects your hair from fading and UV damage. Free from all sulfates and harmful ingredients.
  • Copper tripeptides. Albumen. Black cohosh root extract. Burdock root extract. Dong Quai root extract. Ginger root extract. Ginseng root extract. Goldenseal root extract. Hops extract. Licorice root extract. Clover extract. Rosemary leaf extract. Sage leaf extract. Saw palmetto fruit extract. Brown algae extract. Soybean germ extract. Wild yam root extract. Zinc. Sunflower seed extract.  Biotin. Gingko biloba leaf extract. Inositol. Nettle extract. Panthenol. Vitamin C. Vitamin E. Vitamin F. Wheat amino acids. Wheat germ extract. Silk amino acids. Hydrolyzed soy protein. Jojoba oil. Hydrolyzed wheat protein. Menthol. Mint leaf oil.
  • Apply to wet hair and massage scalp gently for 1 - 2 minutes to allow the shampoo to treat the scalp. Repeat if desired. Proceed with 'Vitatin' conditioner. This shampoo is PERFECT to use after Brazilian treatments!
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