Mediceuticals Dry Scalp and Hair Restoration Starter Kit - for Men

R 1,070

Mediceuticals breakthrough dermatological science features their trade-marked: 'Triaminocoptinol' Compound. This proprietary copper-based potent technology has been clinically proven to help prevent hair thinning, premature hair loss and energise new hair growth. This advanced hair restoration technology Mens Starter Kit for Dry Scalp conditions, is the perfect beginning to the perfect end. Containing 3 unique products in the Male Advanced Hair Restoration Technology Range, this selection includes formulas designed to target the primary causes of hair loss in men.

Kit contains:

Step 1: Dry scalp and hair moisturising cleanser: 'Hydroclenz' 250 ml

Step 2: Light treatment rinse: 'Therapeutic' 250 ml

Step 3: Hair follicle and scalp stimulator treatment spray: 'Numinox' 125 ml


Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • This top-selling 3-step starter kit allows you to experience the full effect of medical science in action with astounding results. We start all our male clients on this pack so they can receive consistent uninterrupted daily treatment for their hair loss and scalp conditions. The products are safe to use on chemically processed hair and contain the patented 'Anti-Fade Colour Retention Complex' protecting your hair against UV exposure and environmental factors. Mediceuticals has trade-marked each and every product and patented science protocols to deliver unparalleled results. Sodium lauryl sulfate free formulas are dermatologically designed for gentle, healthy, safe and effective scalp and hair cleansing. DEA & MEA Amine free.
  • Please see individual product pages for key ingredients.
  • For thinning and hair loss always shampoo only once WITHOUT vigorous massaging. Condition your hair using 'Therapeutic'. Use the 'Numinox' spray directly on your scalp and spray on areas affected with hair loss. Spray morning and night.
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