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Comfort Zone Hydramemory Skin Serum

R 980

Comfort Zone's Hydramemory range is a blissfully hydrating skin-drenching water world - straight from paradise. Your skin will look and feel its absolute best. Hydrated, glowing, youthful and plump.

With biomimetic fragments of Hyaluronic Acid to provide hydration, softness with smoothness, and a blend of natural extracts to help protect your skin's barrier - this ultra-light "sorbet" texture serum immediately quenches your skin, offering an intensive, prolonged hydrating action bestowing a pleasurable sensation of freshness. Suitable for all skin types. Perfect for both men and woman. 

Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • Hydramemory Skin Serum offers 24-hour super hydration for skin in serious need of a fresh fix! Results showed a 56% increase in skin hydration after just 1 hour of applying the serum. Benefits include: Fresh and luminous skin; Direct cosmetic supply of hyaluronic acid; Immediate long-lasting hydration; Fast absorption and fresh sensation; Protection of your skin's barrier. Free from parabens and all nasty chemicals.
  • Hydrolyzed wheat extract. Watermelon fruit extract. Lentil fruit extract. Apple fruit extract. Sodium hyaluronate. Magnolia bark extract. Sunflower seed oil. Potassium. Polyglucuronic acid. Lecithin.
  • Use morning and evening and apply with gentle tapping onto the face. Follow with your Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream or Gel.
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