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Comfort Zone Hydramemory Skin Essence

R 845

Comfort Zone's Hydramemory range is a blissfully hydrating skin-drenching water world - straight from paradise. Your skin will look and feel its absolute best. Hydrated, glowing, youthful and plump.

A toner as powerful and concentrated as a serum? Seeing (and feeling) is believing! This hero product utilises 11 hydrating activators in a natural Tamarind base, to splash your skin and quench its thirst for good. Watermelon, Apple and Lentil Extracts ensure double hydration and primes your skin for products to follow. Suitable for all skin types. Perfect for both men and woman. 

Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • Hydramemory Skin Essence is a product we cannot live without. A fresh and hydrating skin solution that acts as a daily toner and pre-serum 'serum' - enhancing the efficacy of the Hydramemory Serum applied after. Double hydration gives incredible results over time as your skin becomes properly hydrated and youthful again. Free from parabens and all nasty chemicals.
  • Watermelon fruit extract. Lentil fruit extract. Apple fruit extract. Vitamin C. Tamarind seed. Niacinamide. Potassium. Inositol.
  • Use morning and evening and apply with gentle tapping onto the face. Follow with your Comfort Zone Hydramemory Skin Serum.
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