Badger Sore Muscle Rub Balm - 56g

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Badger Bill uses this Sore Muscle Rub to soothe his aches and pains from regular rugby practice. See for yourself! Experience the power of Cayenne and Ginger to soothe away stress and sore muscles. Perfect for using before and after exercise, after a long day, or anytime you’re feeling a little stiff. Smells great and softens skin – definitely not your typical smelly sports rub! This is the original formula and still a favourite. Rub it in - you deserve it!

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Why we LUV it
Key Ingredients
  • The joys of a decent and thorough muscle rub is one of the best treatments any active badger could hope for. Make sure your massage is done right with the best ingredients nature has to offer in soothing and mending aching and tired over-worked muscles. These products are as real as it gets! 100% natural. 100% organic.
  • Organic olive fruit oil. Organic castor seed oil. Beeswax. Organic cayenne fruit extract. Organic ginger root oil. Organic cardamom seed oil. Organic lemongrass leaf oil. Organic ginger root extract. Organic rosemary leaf oil. Organic wild marjoram flower oil. Organic sage leaf oil. Organic rosehip fruit extract.
  • Apply directly to shoulders, knees, elbows, back, or anywhere that needs a bit of soothing. Caution: contains Cayenne - please avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and other sensitive areas.


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