Women We LUV... Jody Calitz

Our woman of the week is Jody Calitz, women’s fitness and wellness specialist. And she's a nutritionist with vegan expertise (phew!)

Toni, why did you choose Jody Calitz as one of your sheroes?

Jody is a beautiful soul determined to help, motivate and set women on a path to self-love and self-acceptance. 

She is a strong advocate for female empowerment, which resonates immensely with me. 

She is very open about her life journey and not ashamed of telling her truth in a world that so desperately needs the message of LOVE. 

She inspires me to also share my truth and not be ashamed of who I am and what my message is.

A bit about you

Jody Calitz fitness and wellness expert

Name: Jody Calitz

Age: Fabulous 35

Website: Beautifulbodyfreedom.com

Mybeautyluv: Tell us a bit about your success story 

I have come to learn (and this is my personal observation) that we term ‘success’ purely by numbers now: how much weight we lose on the scale; how many followers we gain on social media; how much money we earn; how many dress sizes we have dropped; how many likes our picture got. It goes on and on.

So, for me, my ‘success’ breakthrough came when I no longer gave a shit about the numbers in my life and cared more about the woman I was BE-ING to the world

The ‘success story’ I am proud of is when I truly understood who I was, what my purpose was, and the confidence I gained to share the unique woman I am with the world. Unapologetically.

It was a loooooong freaking journey, but it was worth it.


Empowering Women

Jody Calitz My beauty luv Women we Luv

Mybeautyluv: Which women have empowered you? 

It changes every day because I am seeing increasingly more beautiful, powerful, gorgeous goddesses SHOWING UP bravely in this world. And when I see them - even if I don't know them personally or don't know their name - they empower me.


Mybeautyluv: Which men have empowered you? 

Again, the ones who aren't afraid to show up and step up for women. 

Whether it is a gardener or a CEO, if they show integrity, respect and protection towards women, I feel empowered.


Mybeautyluv: How do you support other women? 

I support them by making an effort to support local female-run businesses. I share these businesses on my social profiles. And I share my voice and support with causes that help uplift and empower women.


Mybeautyluv: What advice would you give a young woman starting her career?

You are worth EVERY DREAM you carry in your heart, and there is NO OBSTACLE you can't overcome. 

When things feel impossible (and they will at times), step back, breathe and hold with faith in your heart that you are being guided, and the answer you are seeking is revealing itself to you. 

DO EVERYTHING with integrity and love behind it...


Mybeautyluv: Do you have an empowering slogan or message you'd like to share?

If anyone (or anything) tells you you can't achieve your dreams or you are not worthy, look them squarely in the eyes and say "CLEARLY YOU HAVE NEVER MET THE WARRIOR QUEEN IN ME" ... And walk away confidently without looking back.


Mybeautyluv: What are the most important values to create a more just and balanced world?



Mybeautyluv: What does success mean to you?

Living your true purpose that brings value to this world, without harming or hurting the planet in the process.


Personal Empowerment

Jody Calitz women's health and fitness, nutritionist, vegan, My beauty luv

Mybeautyluv: How is self-care a part of your personal empowerment?

I call it ‘me time’. And it is one of the most loving and empowering things you can do for yourself. It not only helps you destress and relax, but it helps to centre your inner energy, strengthen your alignment, and boost your self-love and self-care beliefs.


Mybeautyluv: What do you do as your personal empowerment daily or nightly ritual? 

I follow a 90% plant-based diet.

I do daily yoga and walk on the beach over weekends.

I do daily prayer and meditation to honour myself.

I give gratitude for all I have been blessed with and to send love to those who need it.

I have a glass of wine every night (because I love wine ;).

I see cooking meals as a celebration of health, happiness and a form of creativity. I make it fun by putting on some good music and just letting loose in the kitchen.

....And...I...LOOOOOOVE taking baths...OMW! My ultimate form of relaxation, self-love, and personal empowering ritual!


Mybeautyluv: Which product did you choose from Mybeautyluv.com to help you with this ritual? 

I chose the Milk_Shake Sun & More All Over Shampoo 


Why did you choose it?

Toni said it smells and feels like summer....I was sold. I love summer!



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