Women we LUV... our own Toni Carroll


At My Beauty Luv, we’re all about empowering women and celebrating them in all aspects of their jam-packed lives, especially when it comes to self-care.

While we all know every month is Women’s Month (amiright?!), what better time to celebrate the #womenweLUV?

How are we doing this? We asked our founder Toni Carroll to handpick a few of the women she LUVs and we’re showcasing their awesomeness in the coming weeks.

Oh, and the MBL team had to add Toni to the hitlist.

To celebrate her birthday - today! - we kick off by getting to know about her LUVs.


A bit about you

My Beauty Luv Founder Toni Carroll

Name: Toni Carroll

Age today (YAY!): 42

Mybeautyluv: What are the benefits of being one year bigger?

The “bigger” I get the more I am able to let things go and trust the universe and the process. Hard work, true intentions and being in the flow…

Empowering women

Mybeautyluv: Which women have empowered you?

My gran is my hero. Her stubborn determination and willingness to give the clothes off her back to help anyone in need has always inspired me. She is the kindest person I have ever known.


Mybeautyluv: Which men have empowered you?

My father. I am unashamedly a daddy’s girl, through and through. I get my entrepreneurial spirit from my dad, along with my innate desire to break all the rules!


Mybeautyluv: How do you support other women?

My dream team are all women hustling their own businesses. We all support each other and, in turn, this allows us to support all the women in our lives - emotionally and financially. 

I am a passionate proponent for female empowerment in all areas of life. I lend my support by helping others with business advice, product development and industry advice. 

I also formulate and create life-changing health and beauty products.

Mybeautyluv: What advice would you give a young woman starting her career?

I say the same thing to anyone who asks me… You need to have courage. If you have an idea, find your courage and go for it. Just start and the rest will follow.

Mybeautyluv: What are the most important values to create a more just and balanced world?

Everyone has the right to their own mind, their own thoughts and their own ideas. Every opinion should be respected. RESPECT is something this world desperately needs.

Mybeautyluv: What does success mean to you?

A healthy self-love or self-esteem. The ability to master your EQ and place it above IQ. Financial freedom by means of doing something you love and are passionate about. Making real change in your micro- and macro-worlds.

Mybeautyluv: Do you have an empowering slogan or message you’d like to share?

Have courage and be kind.


Personal empowerment

Mybeautyluv: How is self-care a part of your personal empowerment?

If you don’t take care of yourself, you will never be able to fully take care of others.

Mybeautyluv: What do you do as your personal empowerment daily or nightly ritual?

My morning ritual starts me off the “right” way. I have room-temperature water with fresh lemon squeezed in (500ml jug), followed by my morning supplements of my own medicinal mushrooms and collagen. I also include turmeric and magnesium. This is followed by a fresh shower, and then my beauty ritual begins.

Mybeautyluv: Which product did you choose from www.mybeautyluv.com to help you with this ritual? Why did you choose it?

My Beauty Luv Premium Hydrolysed Collagen Capsules! Every girl’s best anti-ageing friend!

My Beauty Luv Hydrolysed Gelatin Capsules

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